Training for OSH Experts and Governmental Representatives from Mongolia

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OSH Experts and Representatives from the Ministry of Labour from Mongolia were trained at the IAG on the ISSA Guideline on Prevention of Occupational Risks.

Commissioned by GIZ / Mongolian Ministry of Labour
Cooperation Partners IAG of DGUV, BG RCI, ISSA Section Mining
Location Dresden, Berlin
No. of Participants 11
Year 2016


Mongolia is a country with almost unparalleled mineral wealth with significant deposits of gold, copper and coal. The developing mineral resource sector can lead to sustainable growth and social justice. In this context focus is put on Occupational Safety and Health and Employment Injury Insurance schemes within the scope of the Integrated Mineral Resources Initiative (IMRI) on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) and the GIZ.

Training Approach and Contents

The IAG held a custom-made seminar for the Mongolian delegation about the ISSA Guideline on Prevention of Occupational Risks. Main contents were:

  • Prevention in Occupational Safety and Health
  • Statutory Accident Insurance and Labour Inspection
  • Risk Assessment and Specific Risks: Dust, Noise, Vibration
  • Strategies in Safety Management and Protection Measures
  • Communication with Enterprises and Campaigns
  • Development of Skills and Training
  • Incentive Systems and Return on Prevention
  • Prevention Culture and Vision Zero
  • Networking in Prevention


Transfer into practice was provided during the delegation’s visit of the UKB Accident Hospital Berlin and a company visit. The political realm of prevention was discussed between the delegation and representatives of the GIZ, DGUV, IAG, BG RCI and ISSA Mining.

Outlook and Sustainability

A shared follow-up seminar about train the trainer in Dresden and Ulaanbaatar is considered for autumn 2016.


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