Training for ISSA Managers and Guideline Professionals

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ISSA Managers and Guideline Professionals were trained by the IAG on the standard model for ISSA Guideline Workshops within the Centre for Excellence in Geneva.

Commissioned by ISSA
Cooperation Partners ISSA, IAG of DGUV
Location Geneva, Switzerland
No. of Participants 23
Date Jan. 20-21, 2016


The International Social Security Association (ISSA) set up the Centre for Excellence to facilitate and support good governance and high-performance of the member institutions. Its services are based on the ISSA Guidelines, which are internationally recognized professional standards in social security administration. The Centre offers a package of services including ISSA Guideline Workshops. In cooperation with the ISSA, the IAG designed the standard model for all ISSA Guideline Workshops and trained the organizers. At present, about 20 Guideline Workshops have been held throughout the world.

Training Approach and Contents

The IAG provided a follow-up training on the standard model of the ISSA Guideline Workshops, designed as an exchange of experiences. Main contents were:

  • Introduction to the standard model and follow-up
  • Evaluation of the ISSA Guideline Workshops
  • SWOT-Analysis and exchange of experiences
  • Penal discussion on how to run a 2.5-day workshop
  • Collegial consulting and training the trainer
  • Adult education methods


The participants refined and adapted their own agendas for the Guideline Workshops and tried out various training methods.

Outlook and Sustainability

"Refresher trainings" and a constant evaluation of the ISSA Guideline Workshops are planned on a regular basis.


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