Programme of training for occupational physicians and their assistants from the auxiliary medical professions

Since its inception, the IAG has become an established entity in the field of further training in occupational medicine. We provide further training events for occupational medical specialists, physicians with supplementary qualifications in occupational medicine, other physicians with an interest in occupational medicine, and of course their skilled personnel. We are now one of the largest providers of such events in Germany, and indeed the largest provider of such training in Saxony. Our training is now even attended by medics from abroad.

The events encompass a wide range of topical issues of relevance to occupational medical practice.

Seminar topics include:

  • The tasks of occupational physicians in disability management in accordance with Section 84 (2) of Vol. IX of the German Social Code (SGB IX)
  • The involvement of physicians in risk assessment
  • Issues in traffic medicine
  • Stresses upon and diseases of the musculoskeletal system
  • Occupational medical issues associated with tasks in air transport or under pressures above atmospheric
  • Tasks involving mineral dusts

A concept inherent to our programme of training measures is a seminar-oriented approach involving practical exercises which supplements the delivery of the latest basic knowledge. For this reason, our training courses are popular both with doctors who have been practising as occupational physicians for many years, and by their colleagues who are still training as specialists in occupational medicine and are preparing for their examinations as specialists. The opportunity to acquire or refresh expertise is also popular with members of the auxiliary medical professions.

In addition to the seminars on offer, other events are held at regular intervals. These include conferences run by scientific and medical associations.

It goes without saying that all events are run by medical and scientific experts and are recognized as credits for the medical further training certificates issued by the individual medical associations.


Contact regarding subject-matter
Dr. med. Daniel Kämpf
Technische Universität Dresden
Institut und Poliklinik für Arbeits- und Sozialmedizin
Tel. +49 351 458 13182

Susann Bothe
Tel.: +49 30 13001-2331