• Noise

Not only does noise pose a risk to hearing, it can make people ill and diminish their performance!

The danger of noise is explored and demonstrated in this interactive facility. The IAG workshops have a number of model workstations, at which seminar participants can learn about the methods used to measure noise immission. Quantitative assessment of employees' noise exposure naturally leads to the question: How can noise can be reduced and how do you go about doing this?

Depending on the length of the seminar, participants can perform experiments on machinery noise emission, room acoustics and enclosure of noise sources. The ideal outcome is for participants to go back to their workplaces and apply their newly acquired knowledge in a noise-control programme that can serve as an example to others.

Facility resources and features

  • Four-channel analyser, several sound-level meters and dosimeter
  • Octahedron and a frequency generator
  • Soundproof booths, mobile sound insulation screens and various attenuating and absorbing materials

Topics covered

  • Requirements and implementation of the Occupational Safety and Health Ordinance on Noise and Vibrations (Lärm- und Vibrations-Arbeitsschutzverordnung)
  • Effects of changes to room acoustics on the noise level at a workplace
  • Enclosure of noise sources and isolation of structure-born noise from their sources
  • Impact of noise immission on human beings
  • Determining the sound power of machinery
  • Measuring and assessing the ability to understand speech in rooms


Tobias Henke
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