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Fit for everyday office life?

This interactive facility demonstrates aspects of ergonomic design for office and computer workstations. The ergonomic design of work equipment such as office chairs, desks and monitors are important for preventing health problems. But all of us can do a lot to optimise our own work areas. Participants receive numerous tips and suggestions for adjusting office swivel chairs, for personalising the design of their work area and for moving more at the office.

Facility resources and features

  • Example workstation for working with a monitor
  • For comparative purposes: an ergonomically badly designed computer workstation to assess working conditions
  • Various models of office chairs
  • Accessibility aids for computer workstations (e.g. vertical mouse)
  • Human anatomy models
  • Various office lighting scenarios

Topics covered

  • Assessing and designing computer workstations
  • The correct way to sit/stand at a computer workstation
  • Ergonomic design of office swivel chairs
  • Analysis and optimisation of your own work area
  • Office planning
  • Effect of direct and indirect lighting, light colour and illuminance


Susan Freiberg
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