Electrical Engineering / Control Systems

  • Electrical engineering/control systems

Electrical energy is imperceptible to our sensory organs – that’s what makes it so dangerous

This interactive facility covers two fields. The first, electrical engineering, deals with safe operation of plant, machinery and devices (in accordance with the distinction stipulated in regulations). The participants learn strategies to protect themselves in the event of a fault and conduct tests on real plant, machinery and devices, as well as models. This increases their awareness of the need for electrical safety.

For the second field, safety systems, the facility is equipped with an automated manufacturing cell with an industrial robot. This is used to demonstrate a variety of different safety devices (e.g. light curtain, electromechanical position switch, safety mat, etc.).

Facility resources and features

  • Laboratory workstations with a modular experimentation panel system for practising safety measures
  • Measurement equipment for checking protective measures and various test samples
  • Robot cell with safety equipment
  • 10 kV medium-voltage system with a low-voltage main distribution board, wiring and mains supply

Topics covered

  • Training in the “Five Safety Rules”
  • Hands-on measuring of plant, machinery and devices
  • Working on live systems
  • Automated manufacturing cell for building safe machinery and assessing it


Frank Breuer
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