• Biofeedback

Learning how to control involuntary physical reactions

In the Biofeedback Interactive Facility, participants can test and train their current ability to cope with stress and to relax (regeneration ability). Participants’ ability to relax is measured using their heart rate variability (HRV). The more variable a heart beats, the more likely a person is able to respond suitably to different environmental demands and to relax, especially in stressful situations.

HRV biofeedback training helps participants to train their heart rate variability and improve their ability to relax. The goal is for participants to put themselves into a state of relaxation by calmly and deeply breathing in and out to regulate their heart rate.

Facility resources and features

  • Software for measuring and training heart rate variability
  • Computer and monitor for displaying the measurement results
  • Loudspeaker for background music and verbal instructions
  • Relaxation loungers
  • Wall posters on different topics
  • Roll-up banners for taking the interactive facility on the road

Topics covered

  • Analysis of current ability to cope with stress and ability to relax
  • Deep breathing training


Dr. Nicola Schmidt
Tel.: +49 30 13001-2235