Work and Breaks

  • Work and Breaks

Designing healthy work breaks

Having a break helps to maintain your own performance levels. There are also indications that more accidents happen when workers don’t take breaks. But how should work breaks be designed? In this interactive facility, participants can learn all about breaks with the help of various display stands. Information pamphlets and hands-on equipment help participants learn about different exercises and relaxation techniques that they can try out themselves.

Facility resources and features

Five display stands on the following topics:

  • 10 rules for designing work breaks
  • What the sciences say about work breaks
  • Tips for power naps
  • Back exercises
  • Leg exercises

Nine information pamphlets on different topics including equipment such as spiky massage balls, TheraBands and poi balls.

Topics covered

  • What does good work-break design look like?
  • How do you design active breaks?
  • Exercises for relaxing and loosening up


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