EC-Directive 2009/142/EC on Gas-fuelled appliances

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Appliances burning gaseous fuels in the sense of Directive 2009/142/EC are appliances that are used for cooking, heating, preparation of hot water, or for cooling, lighting or washing purposes, and run on gaseous fuels at a normal water temperature of not more than 105 °C. Safety, monitoring and control devices and modules - with the exception of gas jet burners and their associated heat exchangers - are also covered by this Directive.

Under EU law, appliances burning gaseous fuels must be subjected to a certification procedure, both in the design phase (type examination) and in the manufacturing phase. Thus the contents of the certification procedures for obtaining the CE marking or the GS mark are comparable. Therefore, voluntary labelling with the GS mark is not possible.

For fittings that are installed in a appliances burning gaseous fuels or assembled to form one, the conformity assessment procedures are basically identical. However, the CE marking is waived. Since 1 January 1996, gas-fuelled appliances may only be placed on the market within the EU if they meet the provisions of this Directive.

Testing and Certification Body for Gas-fuelled appliances in DGUV Test

Expert Committee for the Foodstuffs Industry

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