Rules of Procedure for Testing and Certification in DGUV Test (01-Aug-2012)

The Testing and Certification Procedure of the DGUV test is part of all contracts of the testing and certification bodies in DGUV test. The revised version is valid for 01.08.2012.

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Name changes at DGUV Test (26-Jul-2012)

Together, the DGUV's new Expert Committees which replace the old expert committees, form a network of expertise in all areas of safety and health. As a result of the changes, some of the DGUV Test testing and certification bodies will have new names as of 1 January 2012.

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Ventilation and air-conditioning poster wins award (03-Feb-2012)

A presentation of the findings of research that compared rapid tests used to determine the bacteria level in ventilation and air-conditioning units has been awarded a prize by the Society of Hygiene, Environmental and Public Health Sciences.

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