The 4th Euroshnet Conference has now been officially announced. It will be held in Helsinki from 26 to 28 June 2012.



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Active collaboration between all of the parties involved is essential in efforts to ensure safe products. 

As well as the manufacturers and enterprises seeking to use the equipment, there are many other stakeholders, including those in the fields of standardization, testing and certification and official agencies. 

The 4th Euroshnet conference on standardization, testing and certification in occupational safety and health will provide a global view of current product safety requirements in Europe and highlight ways in which stakeholder interaction can be improved. 

The conference announcement has now been published 


Scientific Programme
Conference Secretary General

Pirjo I Korhonen
Finnish Institute of Occupational Health

Tel. +358 40 584 1686

Practical information
TAVI Congress Bureau
Project Manager 
Annikka Lampo
Tel. +358 3 233 0430