DGUV Test awards first certificate for "Accredited Blended Learning Software for Health and Safety Protection in the Workplace"



The Institute for Work and Health of the German Social Accident Insurance (IAG) has certified the interactive training course “Loading Safety” by the Universum publishing house. This is the first time that an electronic learning aid has been certified as accredited "Blended Learning Software for Health and Safety Protection in the Workplace".

The process, offered by IAG as the examination and certification body of DGUV Test, examines e-learning software with regard to its quality and suitability as an electronic learning aid in accordance with BG regulation (BGV) A1 – Prevention Basics.

The "Loading Safety" module conveys essential knowledge from the area of load and cargo safety for HGVs and other transport vehicles, thus supporting the actions of the German statutory accident association’s (DGUV) “Risk Out!” prevention campaign.  

At the ceremonial handing-over of the certificate in Dresden, Universum’s Managing Director Frank-Ivo Lube and the manager of the examination and certification body, Dr. Ulrich Winterfeld, emphasised that this will not be Universum’s only module. Further training modules by the Universum publishing house are currently being revised and a framework agreement fur further exams and certifications has already been signed.  

Electronic training software is suited to supporting companies with their mandatory health and safety training

The frequently repeated teaching of necessary basic knowledge can competently take place using the e-learning software. In this way, a consistently high quality level in the teaching of fundamental knowledge is ensured and at the same time the trainer is relieved of some of the pressure.

Computer-aided learning and face-to-face learning complement each other
Verbal instruction given by the supervisor completes the training and makes it legally secure. In this ‘blended learning’ mix of computer-aided learning and face-to-face learning, the strengths of both types of learning complement each other.

The learners are already familiar with the basics when they receive instruction from their supervisor on possible hazards that are particular to their work place and dangers that might occur as part of their work.   

It is important that the electronic teaching software can be integrated into an overall methodical-didactic blended learning concept. Checking the software for this suitability is therefore a central part of the examination and certification process developed by the e-learning experts of IAG and the statutory accident insurers.

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