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Experience in recent years has shown that buyers of equipment and materials and other products are finding it more and more important to obtain products that have been tested by an independent third party. Purchasing tested equipment and materials provides the certainty that the product and the accompanying documents satisfy health and safety requirements. Employers will also find it easier to observe the Workplace Safety Ordinance by purchasing tested products.

For a number of years, DGUV Test has made available a free on-line buying guide for this purpose. This has now been expanded to include the area of “Metal and surface treatment”. All products with a valid certificate from the “Metal and Surface Treatment” technical committee are clearly arranged for reviewing on-line.

Searching is made easier by the breakdown into product groups such as vehicle maintenance, grinding and welding, or lifting equipment and chains.

This extension to the range of items available for targeted, sector-based searching in a specialised metals field is a further improvement to the service offered to safety personnel and purchasers when selecting tested products.

 Further Information:

  • Metal and Surface Treatment Technical Committee, Testing and Certification Centre within DGUV Test
  • List of products tested by the Testing and Certification Centre of the Metal and Surface Treatment Technical Committee


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