GS-certified cargo nets



Lashing nets are a quick solution for load restraint. Now for the first time, such lashing nets have passed GS testing and can be labelled with the GS mark ("Geprüfte Sicherheit" = "Tested Safety") from BG-PRÜFZERT. The GS mark gives purchasers a direct indication that the nets meet demanding safety requirements: a helpful aid in making procurement decisions.

New code of rules for testing drafted

The DIN EN 12195 series standards specify the critical safety requirements for web lashings, lashing chains and ropes. Such specifications have been lacking to date for lashing nets.

Therefore, the testing and certification body of BG-PRÜFZERT's Expert Committee for the Transport Sector (Fachausschuss Verkehr) has developed a new code of rules for testing lashing nets made of belt webbing for conformity with critical safety requirements. In addition to testing the individual components, such as the belt webbing, the tensioning and connection elements, seams and loops, a load test is performed for the entire cargo net. In this way, the product's performance can be tested under realistic conditions.

Cargo nets

Cargo nets are extremely helpful in cases where, for example, securing a load flush with the vehicle is not possible due to the vehicle's design. They represent a fast and practical load-restraint solution.

Cargo nets should not be confused with what are known as "cover nets". These latter knotted or knitted nets serve exclusively to cover open loading surfaces on flatbed trucks or containers in order to protect the cargo from being thrown off the vehicle, raising dust or similar – providing restraint in the vertical direction only.

Certified products

Cargo nets bearing the GS mark from BG-PRÜFZERT

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