Dust emissions by woodworking machinery

GS-HO-05 testing principles revised



The principles for testing and certification of dust emissions by woodworking machinery have been updated. The focus is on woodwork-ing machines designed for connection to an external exhaust device. The revised principles also detail the measuring requirements and evaluation procedure for testing dust emissions by woodworking machines.

The concentration parameter is determined in accordance with EN 1093-9; in some cases, dust emissions are tested without a meas-urement being carried out, based on Annex 1 of the statutory employers’ insurance information sheet on “Wood dust” (BGI 739-1). Such testing determines whether the work area in which the machine is used can be considered dust-reduced.

Benefits for users

If the machine passes the test and the ancillary conditions are observed, the operator is not required to conduct follow-up measurements for the workplaces on the tested machine or, if applicable, check-ups for the workers. 

Updating of testing principles 

Compared to the previous edition, the following main changes have been made: 

  • the testing principles were updated
  • additional information is required in the purchase documents 
  • the testing results can under certain circumstances be applied to comparable machines as well (Section 4.2.4); added was a test for static negative pressure (Section 4.2.4).

Updated testing principles GS-HO-05: 


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