Testing and certification body for the Expert Committee on Wood pub-lishes revised code of rules for testing, "GS-HO-07"



With application of Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC compulsory since 29 December 2009, the rules set out in the GS-HO-07 code of rules for testing dedusters with a nominal volume flow < 6.000 m³/h also had to be adapted.

The revised rules also contain higher requirements concerning the effectiveness of dedusters. Furthermore, the old “H2” test for dedusters is now considered outmoded in technical terms because most manufacturers are now able to produce dedusters with a dust concentration level of 0.1 mg/m³ in the return air. The code of rules for testing thus now only covers the test for the “H3” certification mark.

Industrial vacuum cleaners and combined industrial vacuum cleaners and dedusters are also no longer included. They are assessed on the basis of DIN EN 60335 2-69.

Revised principles for testing and certification

GS-HO-07: Entstaubern (Holzbearbeitung) mit einem Nennvolumenstrom < 6.000 m³/h (link to the german pages) (PDF, 508 kB)


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