Purchasing aid: Tested products for meat and sausage processing

DGUV Test offers new service for purchasers in the meat industry



Our experience over the past few years has shown that it is becoming increasingly important for purchasers of technical work equipment and other products to make sure these have been tested by an independent, third-party testing organisation. Purchasing tested equipment gives the buyer the assurance that the product and the documentation it comes with observe the relevant health and safety requirements. It’s easier for employers to comply with occupational safety regulations when they buy certified products.

For many years now, DGUV Test has been offering a free online purchasing guide, which has now been expanded to provide assistance to purchasers in the meat-processing industry as well. A clear overview can be called up of all products with a valid certificate issued by the Expert Committee for the Meat-Processing Industry. The list is divided into product groups, e.g. butchers’ and hygiene equipment, butchering and slaughterhouse machinery, to facilitate research.

The Butchers’ Accident Prevention and Insurance Fund gives its members bonus points for using butchering and slaughterhouse machinery with valid GS or DGUV Test marks.

The addition of meat-processing products to the targeted industry-oriented search further simplifies the selection of tested products by safety experts and purchasers.

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List of products tested by the testing and certification office of the Expert Committee for the Meat-Processing Industry (FW)
Expert Committee for the Meat-Processing Industry (Fachausschuss Fleischwirtschaft - FW), testing andcertification office at DGUV Test


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