500th certificate for tested chains and fittings awarded

H stamp: a symbol of quality and safety



 H stamp, GK, B and D stamps

For a long time from the 1930s onwards, there was a legal stipulation in Germany for manufacturers of lifting chains to have permission to produce them from a Berufsgenossenschaft institution.

Permission was granted by the Berufsgenossenschaft in Hanover and took the form of a number and what is known as a “test stamp”. Today, the Expert Committee on Surface Treatment and Metal is responsible for granting permission.

Even with the EC’s internal market now in place, having lifting chains, chain slings and fittings tested and certified so that the test stamp can be applied to them offers several advantages. Many manufacturers see the test stamp as proof of quality. Users ask for chains with test stamps so that they can be sure that the chain’s properties are as indicated.

There are different stamps depending on the type of chain. By far the most common one is the H stamp. In special cases, GK, B and D stamps are issued.

In 2009, the 500th test stamp certificate was awarded. Through its decades of testing and certification activities, the Expert Committee has ensured that the quality of chains and fittings is high and the accident figures remain very low.


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