Tested blended learning program in occupational safety and health (OSH)

BGAG becomes BG-PRÜFZERT testing and certification body



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The BGAG's decision to set up a testing and certification body for blended learning programs is intended to meet the increasing demand for correctly used e-learning for the OSH instruction required by the BGV A1 regulation. As a centre of excellence for e-learning in the field covered by the DGUV, the BGAG joined forces with experts from the accident insurance institutions, manufacturers and users to draw up criteria concerning the use of e-learning programs as an instructional aid in OSH.

In November 2009, the BGAG launched a testing and certification service for commercially available e-learning programs as part of the BG-PRÜFZERT network. E-learning programs that comply with the criteria defined by the experts are awarded the BG "Geprüftes Blended Learning-Programm im Arbeitsschutz" (Tested blended learning program in OSH) certification mark. The mark makes it easier for users to choose a product and ensures the programs are used effectively in workplace instruction. The criteria also provide guidance for the product-development activities of the companies that produce such e-learning programs.


To the testing and certification body of the BGAG.


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