Guide to application of the new Machinery Directive



On 29 December 2009, the new EC Machinery Directive, 2006/42/EC, came into effect as the legal basis for placing machinery on the EEA market for the first time.
The European Commission and the Member States are currently preparing a guide on how to apply the Machinery Directive, the first part of which is now finished. Many comments from the BG-PRÜFZERT testing and certification bodies have been incorporated into the guide.

The guide provides explanations of the concepts and requirements set out in the Machinery Directive, the aim being to ensure it is interpreted and applied consistently. The guide addresses all of the parties involved in the application of the EC Machinery Directive, from manufacturers to importers and dealers through to notified bodies, standardisers and surveillance authorities. However, the Commission points out that only the text of the actual Directive has binding legal effect.

The first edition of the guide contains comments concerning the Preamble, the Articles and Annex I (Essential health and safety requirements) and Annex II (EC declaration of conformity, Incorporation of partly completed machinery). The second edition is planned for spring 2010 and will also include comments on Annexes III to XI. To begin with, the guide will only be published in English. An online version will be available on the European Com-mission website, making it easier to update..

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Guide to application of the new Machinery Directive


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