Wireless safety - New BG-PRÜFZERT codes of rules for testing control units

GS-ET-07 "Wireless control units designed to ensure compliance with machine safety requirement" published



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Many machines, e.g. cranes, have to be operated from considerable distances. A very convenient way of doing this is to use a wireless device, e.g. a radio or infrared control device.

In recent years, an increasing number of machines with wireless control units have been designed and sold. If these control and receiver units are also used for safety functions, there must be absolute certainty that they work safely and reliably so that hazardous situations and accidents can be prevented.

The current standards for electrical equipment in various areas of machinery do not enable such products to be tested in a uniform and reproducible manner. Furthermore, the requirements were hitherto only to be found in various individual rules; there was no single document detailing all of the essential requirements for these products.

The testing and certification body of the Expert Committee on Electrical Engineering has remedied this deficit by drawing up codes of rules for testing wireless control units. Interested manufacturers and companies that use such devices also participated in the preparation of the codes of rules. The project was supported by the testing and certification body of the Expert Committee on Mechanical Engineering, Lifting Equipment, Metallurgical Plant and Rolling Mills and the BGIA. Martin Mehlem, manager of the testing and certification body, is happy with the results: "By introducing the new codes of rules for testing, we have taken a major step towards more safety with wireless control units."

The BG-PRÜFZERT codes of rules for testing can be downloaded free of charge from the testing and certification body's website. This ensures that all testing and certification bodies can use the same basis for their work. The codes of rules for testing are currently being used for the first time to test control units.



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