Tested check-out counters: certified ergonomic quality

Over 50 GS marks awarded for check-out counters



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Check-out operators move goods, weigh them and take payment - all in an extremely small space and always using the same movements. Even if this cannot be described as hard physical work, there are still various negative impacts on the cashier. Taken together, they can lead to excessive strain and even chronic illnesses. Ergonomic design can reduce and remove a number of the negative factors.

With this in mind, many retail companies now opt for ergonomically designed check-outs. In these set-ups, the cashier's workstation consists of a series of pieces of equipment that are effective and easy to use in a very small space. This enhances check-out operators' sense of well-being with the result that they are friendlier towards customers and are not ill as often. In a nutshell, everyone benefits!

The Expert Committee on Structural Objects awards the GS mark for check-outs with the type of safe and ergonomic design mentioned above. Since 2000, the testing and certification body has issued more than 50 GS certificates - a resounding success for occupational safety and health. To obtain a certificate, the check-out counters are first type-tested meticulously. Only those that meet the high requirements can be given a GS mark.

Check-outs with GS marks


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