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Service Personnel

Service down to the last detail

Our qualified service personnel will ensure that your event runs smoothly - allowing you to devote your full attention to your guests.

Anyone who puts their heart into the planning of an event is entitled to expect that everything goes according to plan. This includes details which remain almost invisible but are nevertheless vital to event success. By choosing DGUV Congress, you can ensure that every guest will get their hotel room on time, the projector will be ready for your presentation and no-one will go thirsty.

Our attentive staff are naturally well-acquainted with the options available at our congress centre, and therefore perfectly placed to make you and your guests feel at home. They work competently, efficiently and with a minimum of fuss - you would only notice them if they weren’t there!

Please do not hesitate to contact us for a quote for service personnel based on the following options:

  • Reception and cloakroom staff, ushers
  • Media technicians
  • Venue technicians

Guest services

  • Greeting and registration of participants
  • Distribution of event documents
  • Supervision of microphones and presentation equipment
  • Drinks service
  • Receipt, storage and return of items of clothing and luggage
  • Chauffeur service for VIPs

Media technology services

  • Implementation of the event plan (including provision of required equipment and chairs and corresponding personnel planning)
  • Technical assistance during the event (including technical tests and rehearsals)
  • Pre-event technical support

Venue services

  • Provision of electricity and water
  • Optimized air conditioning for individual rooms
  • Raising of flags (where required), setup and dismantling of outdoor advertising
  • Door locking service
  • Organization of security staff for car park duties
  • Coordination of cleaning times for seminar rooms and toilets
  • Drawing up and supervision of a logistics concept


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