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Graphic Design & Layouting

Making first impressions count

Grab the attention of your guests before your event has even begun – for example using attractively designed information material and working documents.

We are always keen to draw inspiration from beautiful things. This also applies when we develop the visual media with which you will present your organization, project or theory to your guests. An invitation with an original design creates interest, a professional on-screen presentation leaves a lasting impression and clear conference documents deliver added value by giving your participants direction and orientation.

Our graphic design team is therefore on hand to edit existing documents or draw up a brand new layout concept - from invitations right through to room labelling.

We provide support in the form of the following graphic design and layouting services:

  • Advice on the design of conference documents
  • Development of a standardized layout on the basis of your data and/or requirements
  • Implementation of the layout developed across various media including posters, flyers, name badges, cardboard display items, flags and projector stills for breaks between presentations
  • Assistance during the event design process
  • Technical implementation of event equipment such as presentation systems, models, props and roll-up posters
  • Themed decorations


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