Z1: Technical infrastructure

Innovative devices from IFA

Robot performs a shock on the measuring device

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Prototype of the force pressure measurement system
Source: MRK-Systeme GmbH

There is a constant need for new devices that are not yet available on the market in the appropriate form to facilitate research in the field of occupational safety and development of new testing procedures. Existing devices and instruments thus have to be adapted or expanded, and entirely new test and trial equipment at times has to be newly invented. Over many years, this has led the departments of IFA to develop devices for the institute's own multifaceted purposes. Many of them are unique and needed only by the institute; others are produced and marketed under IFA license by other firms.

Examples of innovative IFA developments:

The devices were developed in unit Z1 "Technical infrastructure" in the Central Division in cooperation with the specialised departments at IFA.


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