Unit 4.4: Radiation

Emission of UV radiation during welding

Emission of UV radiation during welding
Source: IFA

Unit 4.4, "Radiation", in Division 4 covers the fields of ionising radiation and radioactive materials, optical radiation (ultraviolet, visible and infrared radiation), lighting, electromagnetic fields and hot surfaces. The focal points are:

  • Measurement and assessment of radiation exposures at workplaces
  • Advice on protective measures
  • Laboratory measurements, eg: properties of radiation sources, transmission of filters and materials, analyses of radioactive substances
  • Measurement of the radiation emissions of machinery in the framework of EU type testing
  • Testing of the electromagnetic compatibility of machines, equipment and devices
  • Testing of radio-frequency protective clothing
  • Study of glare on computer monitors
  • Expert opinions in cases of occupational disease
  • Evaluation of burning risks caused by hot surfaces (PDF, 35 kB)
  • Providing information

Technical information on radiation

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