Unit 1.2: Applied epidemiology

Diagram: Clarification of risks

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Diagram: Clarification of risks aims at optimization of prevention activities

In Unit 1.2 "Applied epidemiology" in Division 1, IFA studies the interrelationships between occupational or non-occupational influencing factors and their potential effects on the health of employees. The aim is to acquire knowledge useful for workplace prevention and for establishing workplace rules and measures.

The unit's focal points are:

  • Conducting and assisting in epidemiological studies
  • Providing advice and research for the Social Accident Insurance Institution in questions of epidemiology, especially of work-related health risks
  • Assessing work-related risks
  • Determining dose-response relationships
  • Providing expert knowledge on epidemiology to committees
  • Advising on occupational disease occurrences
  • Conducting intervention studies to optimise prevention measures of the accident insurers
  • Conducting intervention studies to reduce occupational injuries
  • Assuring quality in epidemiology
  • Promoting application-oriented epidemiology in publications

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  • Deutsche Gesellschaft für Epidemiologie (DGepi- German Society for Epidemiology) e.V.
  • The International Epidemiological Association (IEA)


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