Traffic simulation

  • Driving simulator

Have you always wanted to know how you’d react in a dangerous driving situation?

Training on our driving simulator is an active way for participants to see how they respond to dangerous situations, giving them an opportunity to build on and apply what they have learnt during the seminar. It also enables them to practise how to respond correctly in rare critical traffic situations.

The simulator has an interchangeable cab system, which means the training can take place either in a car or a van. The training session can be viewed by other people in the observation room, which also has equipment for playing back sequences when reviewing participants’ performance.

Facility resources

  • Permanently installed driving simulator with a motion system and interchangeable cabs for car and van driving
  • Instructor’s station, from which exercises can be generated and monitored
  • Observation room, where other people (seminar participants) can observe the traffic situation and the driver’s performance, flag certain situations and discuss them during the performance review

In addition to the permanently installed system, the DVR (German Road Safety Council) has four mobile simulators or “demonstrators” on site, which can be hired out to institutions or companies looking to conduct road safety training in house. Exercises generated on the permanently installed simulator can be transferred to and used on the demonstrators.

Topics covered

  • All conceivable traffic and environmental situations, i.e. daytime and night driving, snow and ice, town and country, etc.
  • Correct securing of loads
  • Exercises concentrating on sector-specific issues


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