• Metal workshop

Many metalworking machines are programmed and function automatically so can they actually be dangerous at all?

Almost every type of hazard and exposure factor can occur in the field of metalwork. In our fully functional metal workshop, we show seminar participants the sources of those factors.

The facilities enable the participants and trainers to work at workstations and on machinery used in real life. The seminars provide information on strategies for machinery safety plus an opportunity to discuss and try out ways of minimising risk. Exercises using real examples give participants hands-on experience of ways to prevent accidents and protect health as well as ensuring they retain the theoretical knowledge they’ve gained.

Facility resources

  • Machinery for sheet-metal working: plate shears, hydraulic drawing press, eccentric press and sheet-metal bender
  • Metal-cutting machinery: CNC lathe, CNC universal milling machine, band saw machines and drills
  • Metal storage unit with feed and blanking
  • Workbenches, e.g. for assembly work
  • Welding station for gas welding and arc welding

Topics covered

  • Comprehensive risk assessment in workshops
  • Safe controls and safety devices on machinery
  • Noise emission at the workplace
  • Hazardous substances involved in metalworking
  • Safe organisation of production processes
  • Demonstration of stress situations at the workplace
  • Communication during safety briefings


Christian Ludwig
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