Multi-purpose hall

  • Multi purpose hall

The size of the multi-purpose hall and the fact that most of its equipment is mobile mean it can be used for a multitude of purposes. It can be set up to reflect the conditions of a real production facility and used to simulate accident hazards and protective measures in the storage and internal transport both of small and, in particular, large goods.

The ceiling is high enough to be able to demonstrate the hazards involved and the safety measures necessary when working at a height. The facility is also used as a seminar room when extra space is needed, e.g. if a “learning workshop” is set up with several workstations for hands-on practice. The hall is also suitable for conferences and exhibitions.

Facility resources

  • Overhead crane with a load capacity of 5 tonnes, mobile slewing crane with a load capacity of 0.3 tonnes
  • Range of ropes, chains and straps plus examples that are ready for removal from service
  • Obstacles for a safety obstacle course for crane-operator training
  • Forklift truck, aerial working platform and low-lift platform truck
  • High-bay racking system and scaffolding
  • Sound-absorbing walls and mobile sound-absorbing partitions

Topics covered

  • Initial and continuing training for forklift drivers and crane operators
  • Training to become a trainer for forklift drivers and crane operators
  • Safe attachment of loads
  • Load-securing in road traffic
  • Safety measures against falls from a height
  • Rescuing people from high workplaces
  • Measurement of the sound-pressure level, influence of room acoustics


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