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Safe work on dangerous machines – it is possible!

And to prove it, we’ve set up a complete woodworking shop, where trainers provide comprehensive instruction on all aspects of woodworking and participants have a hands-on opportunity to see how those aspects fit together. The seminar content and the aids and equipment presented are selected in accordance with accident prevalence, and we ensure that the diverse range of applications is combined with maximum safety.

Other topics to which this facility lends itself are ergonomics, risk assessment, machinery noise, dust emission and fire protection.

Facility resources

  • Standard woodworking machinery, such as a panel saw, table-milling machine, sanding machines, etc.
  • Extensive assortment of hand-held woodworking machinery
  • Multi-purpose work benches, modular units for using hand-held machinery as stationary machinery
  • Various mobile dust extractors and a dust-extraction system with a briquetting press
  • Numerous hand and machine tools

Topics covered

  • Safe use of woodworking machinery and hand-feed tools
  • Dust emissions of different materials and tools
  • Noise emissions of different materials and tools; noise-exposure analyses
  • Use of aids, some made by the participants themselves, and safety equipment in accordance with ergonomic aspects
  • Simulation of production processes and stress situations at the workplace
  • Production of work-pieces by seminar participants


Mario Pahlke
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