Evaluation and test diagnostics

  • Evaluation

How can the effectiveness of prevention measures be proved? How can resources be deployed even more efficiently? How can scientific tests be applied to occupational safety and health?

These are questions increasingly being asked by those who award contracts and supply financial backing, such as the government, self-government bodies and private business. As a result, it's becoming more and more important to be able to prove the quality and effectiveness of prevention measures.

A suitable method for quality-assuring and reviewing the effectiveness of prevention activities is evaluation. It involves applying scientific methods to systematically assess the objectives, implementation, effectiveness and efficiency of processes, objects and activities. Evaluation delivers data that can be used to make decisions and to argue in favour of and optimise programmes and projects.

The evaluation facility demonstrates evaluation procedures, using examples of evaluation projects for campaigns, education, media and accident-prevention regulations. Visitors learn about the methods used to plan and conduct evaluations in the area of prevention as well as being advised of critical points. In a presentation of electronic generation, capturing and evaluation of questionnaires, the visitors fill in a questionnaire, which is then scanned, captured and automatically evaluated.

Facility resources

  • A PC with software for digital questionnaire generation and capturing plus evaluation of paper, online and hybrid surveys
  • Posters showing the IAG's services in the field of prevention evaluation and the possibilities for electronic data capture as well as posters with explanations and examples of tests and test diagnostics
  • Extensive selection of tests concerning employee development and selection, performance/intelligence/personality plus clinical and health-related tests
  • Test stations at which participants can try out tests themselves (e.g. paper and pencil tests and computer-aided tests)
  • Manual describing the tests available at the IAG

Topics covered

  • Examples of projects designed to evaluate prevention measures on behalf of statutory accident insurance institutions
  • Evaluation procedure, from the design stage to implementation through to the actual evaluation of the results
  • Electronic questionnaire capture and evaluation
  • Presentation of the questionnaires developed by the IAG to evaluate seminars, events, hotels and projects
  • Psychological tests concerning different occupational safety and health (OSH) issues, e.g.
    • stress and stress measurement,
    • perception, thinking and concentration and
    • career guidance and employee selection/development
    • Determination of the effectiveness of OSH measures using test diagnostics
    • Analysis of work tasks and self-assessment by employees
    • Diagnosis of psychological disorders


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