• Ergonomics

I work "ergo" I suffer?

Ergonomics ensures that workplaces and working conditions are properly adapted to human characteristics and needs so as to prevent injury. To achieve this aim, several workplace factors have to be harmonised - the equipment, the organisation and the environment.

The ergonomics facility has several example workstations where seminar participants can learn about these aspects through hands-on experience. They can analyse, assess and optimise the workstations on the basis of ergonomic principles. The seminars also provide an opportunity for participants facing workplace-design issues in their own companies to devise solutions in true-to-life conditions and discuss them with others.

Facility resources

  • Example workstations from the areas of assembly and ironing work
  • Height-adjustable table systems, workstation lights, materials, equipment trolleys, roller conveyers, pre-installed assembly workstations
  • Bosch templates for engineering drawing
  • Models of the human anatomy
  • Digital recording equipment (camera/video) for analysing work organisation
  • Glasses for simulating eye disorders
  • Audio examples for simulating hearing impairments
  • "Touch and feel" boxes
  • Work chairs, special chairs
  • Weights for load-handling analysis


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