• Biofeedback

Learning how to control involuntary physical reactions

In this facility, participants learn how to influence body functions that are normally impossible or very difficult to influence intentionally. Among these functions are unconscious tensing of the neck and back muscles, a high pulse when under stress, skin temperature and blood pressure.

With the help of the facility’s measuring devices, participants can determine which of their attempts to influence physical functions are successful. Since the measurements reveal even small levels of progress, the exercises always produce a successful outcome and there’s little frustration.

Facility resources

  • Various devices for measuring muscle tension, pulse, breathing frequency, temperature and skin conductance
  • Computer/monitors on which the measurements are displayed
  • Audio and lighting system as an aid for specific exercises

Topics covered

  • Stress management
  • Physical and psychological stress and strain at the workplace
  • Relaxation methods


Dr. Nicola Schmidt
Tel.: +49 351 457-1008