Prevention at educational facilities

Educational facilities

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Over 17 million children, school pupils and students benefit from statutory insurance against accidents provided by the German social accident insurance institutions. This applies whether they are on their way to and from or at daycare facilities, the homes of in-home daycare providers or educational facilities. The prevention of accidents and work-related health hazards and the guaranteeing of effective first aid are also a core element of the services delivered by the German social accident insurance system at educational facilities.

Implementation of effective prevention at educational facilities necessitates an integrated approach which not only takes constructional, socio-political, organizational and individual factors into consideration, but also shifts focus onto both learners and teachers. This approach is to be based on a fundamental grasp of the fact that the promotion of safety and health can contribute to an increase in the quality of the academic and life learning an educational facility delivers. Central issues include the fostering of safe, health-conscious behaviour amongst children and young people, safe spatial design at educational facilities, the promotion of sport and exercise, the management of occupational safety and health (OSH) and road safety.

The German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV) is the umbrella organization for the German social accident insurance system, and supports its members in their prevention work. This includes the development of prevention concepts for educational facilities and the publication of rules, information and guidelines for kindergarten teachers, school teachers and head teachers. The DGUV represents the interests of its members in discussions with ministries for schools, parent and teacher associations and trade unions, and campaigns for the establishment of an integrated approach to prevention which links safety and health to educational quality. The Expert Committee on Education contributes to the fulfilment of these tasks in its role as the DGUV’s expert committee on prevention in the field of accident insurance for school pupils.